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BAWP teachers publish

Recent publications by BAWP Teacher Consultants include the following:

Betina Hsieh, former co-Director and now Assistant Professor of Education at CSU, Long Beach has a forthcoming article (Fall 2014) in the journal Teaching and Teachers: Theory and Practice.  The title of her article will be  “The Importance of Orientation: Implications of Professional Identity on Classroom Practice and for Professional Learning.”   Betina also blogs about her new life in academia @  The Life and Times of an Assistant Professor.

Margaret Perrow (SI 1994) is now the director of the Oregon Writing Project at Southern Oregon University.  Her most recent article: “Welcome to the Real World: Navigating the Gap between Best Teaching Practices and Current Reality”  appeared in the November 2013 issue of Studying Teacher Education.   The article can be accessed online here.

Kimberly Gilles (SI 1987) had an article published in the CATE Journal (September 2013) entitled “Bringing LGBT Issues Out of The Curricular Closet: Teaching The Laramie Project.”  This article will be republished as a book chapter by Rethinking Schools in June.

Art Peterson, long-time editor at the National Writing Project, just published  Why Is That Bridge Orange?, a well-researched guide exploring San Francisco’s quirks, landmarks and eccentricities. Check your email for information on pre-sales for the holiday season.

On a related note, Greta Vollmer (BAWP Director) visited the Oregon Writing Project in October and gave a workshop on “The grammar-writing connection: Supporting ELL students.”