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East Bay Write Easy (5/9/14 @ 4:30)



Bay Area Writing Project
Friday Afternoon Writing Group
Mudraker’s Cafe, Berkeley, CA
May 9, 2014
4:30-6:00 p.m.
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May 2014
I’ve seen your faces. They are like mine: hungry for telling, for truth, for

courage, for the energy and time to re-create our worlds. Tired—but we know there is a volcano, a waterfall, a river inside us, if we can only find it.


Writing is made of voices. Our single voices may seem to be lost in the bitter wind. But if we listen hard enough we can hear hundreds of other voices trying to sing like us. Like threads weaving a cloth. Like the constellation patterns we draw to connect stars. Voices who have never dared sing before.


As I’ve traveled to towns and cities around this country to talk and teach writing, I’ve heard you. You have given me a gift: voices to listen to, to weave with my own. There is no song unless we sing together.

Georgia Heard, Writing Toward Home: Tales and Lessons to Find Your Way, p. xi

You are invited to join the Bay Area Writing Project at WriteEasy on Friday, May 9, 2014, from 4:30-6:00, at Mudrakers Cafe ,

2801 Telegraph at Stuart in Berkeley. Some of us gather a little earlier, drink our coffee/tea, snack, chat and we begin writing at 4:30!WriteEasy is now on MeetUp! Check it out and RSVP here:

WriteEasy on Meet Up!

Join us to write and share, to warm ourselves with words with teachers and writers. We’ll offer prompts, but you are always free to write what you want and need to write. We use the Amherst Writers and Artists response guidelines to give feedback to our fresh, unedited work.
Bring your pen, your computer, a prompt to share and get your writing on.
Easy to get to from North, South, East and West. Plenty of street parking. Good coffee, tea and food at Mudrakers!

Hope to see you there,

Karen Adams and Marty Williams 

Bay Area Writing Project