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Whispers From the Trees – A Short Work by a BAWP Young Writer!

This short work was written by a camper at one of BAWP’S summer writing programs for youth. Emilie M. has crafted a beautiful piece that makes you stop and remember that nature is alive.


Have you ever heard the song of leaves sing like bells in a church? Have you ever seen a hummingbird go to help the wind plead for forgiveness? The wind has more things to be sorry about than you can imagine. It’s because a forest is a lonely place for a plant. Ask the wind or a tree. They’ll tell you no different. Trees are as wise as the earth itself. For they have so much knowledge. A tree’s mind stretches as long as its own roots, maybe even farther. Trees are stationary so you must feel pity for them because they can’t move.

Moving is a joyful thing that is good to learn to do. It doesn’t matter how you move, just as long as you can. Remember to move every chance you get, whether it’s running or writing. I once heard the wind moan because I was writing and he wasn’t. The wind is an unhappy soul; banned to float around the earth for all eternity. But don’t feel too bad for the wind. He is a real gossip. He swirls around moaning and groaning about all his fresh news. I bet you’ve heard him before.

Wind’s enemy is the rain. Rain likes to boom down on wind’s gossip. Rain’s best friend is thunder. Together they work to torment the wind. A close friend to thunder is lightning. Lightning is all about bling and flash. Bling and flash are powerful things. I shall give you a task. Learn more about lightning. Contact me when you do. So for now, goodbye.

P.S. Watch out for the clouds, they are spies.

– Emilie M.