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Manuscript Response Group celebrates end of year


One of the many wonderful things about the Bay Area Writing Project is its role as a professional home for teachers. Bay Area Writing Project Teacher Consultants are always initiating programs and projects they want to participate in and lead because they need them. The Manuscript Response Group (MRG) is just such a group. Cooked up by Teacher Consultants D.M. Kloker and Marty Williams in 2012, the MRG, made up of eight BAWP Teacher Consultants, has been meeting monthly for three years to share and respond to one another’s longer pieces of writing. Together we have read and responded to a range of writing genres, e.g., memoir, fiction in the form of novels and stories (fantasy, historical, both adult and children’s), poetry, drama, and academic writing. Many of these works are now performed in readings or in the process of being submitted for publication.
We meet in one another’s homes on a Sunday afternoon. We have established group response protocols and a structure that allows us to be group-led. Kloker and Marty continue to offer some oversight and coordination of calendar.

Initiating Coordinators: D.M. Kloker and Marty Williams

Current Group Members: Mark Ali, David Braden, Page Hersey, Jim Hughes, D.M. Kloker, Grace Morizawa, Meredith Pike-Baky, Carla Williams-Namboodiri and Marty Williams

If you are interested in learning more about groups like this offered by the Bay Area Writing Project, please contact Marty Williams at ms.marty.will@gmail. com.