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Congrats Carmen Johnston January #CWPLeader

CARMEN#CWPLeader January

The Teacher Consultants we celebrate in January are K-college educators who engage students in civic participation projects, create writing opportunities for their students that work toward social justice, and honor their students’ agency and voice.

Many of these educators involve their students in CWP’s Upstanders, Not Bystanders campaign (http://www.californiawritingproject.org/upstanders-not-bystanders.html) or in ISAW’s I Write the Future multimedia/multimodal writing projects (http://www.californiawritingproject.org/i-write-the-future.html).

Others teach their students to think critically about regional and national instances of bias and racism, examine texts and data about them, and respond through action projects that pose solutions. Others develop partnerships through community organizations and museums that connect civic engagement, social studies, and literacy skills to teaching and learning. And others use the maker movement and connected learning approaches to empower youth to be agents in, voices for, and “makers of” their own writing and learning.

John Trimbur, Professor of Writing, Literature, and Publishing at Emerson College, reminds us that writing is much more than a school subject and activity, that it belongs to everyone, and that there are “a wide range of situations that call on people to write.”  That “call to write—the felt sense that something needs to be said—presents writing not just as a skill to master but as a means to participate meaningfully in the common life and to influence its direction.”

January’s #CWPLeaders teach their students to recognize calls to write that need their words, voice, engagement, and advocacy. Congratulations and thank you for all you do for students, your colleagues, and your Writing Project.

Click HERE to learn more about Carmen and why she is an outstanding #CWPLeader