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PCN Agenda – Feb 20, 2016

BAWP TCs! Come join the PCN this Saturday for A “Pop-Up” Forum on Assessing Student Writing, Instruction, and Managing the Paper Load

Why this Session:

In our TC presentations questions about how to effectively assess student writing and the nitty-gritty of the paper work load are often the elephant in the room. We find ourselves asking how each of us responds when teachers want to know: What is effective response to student work? How do you grade? How much do you assign per semester? How do you manage the paper load?  We are vitally interested in each other’s responses to these questions, and have planned this session with a goal of having an extended and thoughtful conversation about assessing student writing, the paper work load, and the student learning that does and does not accompany evaluation.

Goals for this session:

1)     To identify and discuss the variety of strategies used to deal with the dilemma of how to productively assess student writing, but at the same time not be overwhelmed by the paper load.

2)     To reflect on this topic and to discuss, building on our classroom experience, different ways BAWP might engage teachers, sites, and districts around this topic

3)     To discuss whether there is a “BAWP stance” on how to address this topic as it comes up in BAWP professional development work and classes.  What can we say about how we deal with or dealt with this topic?

Specific questions that may be addressed

●      How much writing do you assign?  What kinds of writing?

●      Responding to the writing – Correcting? Evaluating? Conferencing? What choices do you make in providing feedback to students and why?

●      What role do rubrics play in your reading and analysis of student work?

●      What do students think about what counts for meaningful feedback?

●      What do we know about how students respond to comments and what they do with comments?

●      How are the answers to these questions connected to dealing with the paper load?

All BAWP TCs are welcome. 

Clare LePell and Rebekah Caplan will facilitate the discussion.

9am – 12pm

3635 Tolman Hall