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Cross Disciplinary Writing – BAWP Weekend Workshops

Join us for our second 2016 Weekend Workshop on April 30th as we look at Cross Disciplinary Writing.

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WWorkshop 2

This workshop event will feature your choice of one workshop each session.

Check-in and Coffee: 8:30 am
Opening Remarks: 8:50 am
Session 1: 9:20 am – 10:50 am
Session 2: 11:00 am – 12:30 pm

Session 1:

Engaging students in Science, Writing and Technology through Project Based Learning
Presenter: Leah Wachtel
In this workshop we will see how project based learning can engage students in science, writing, and technology while also pushing their creativity and teamwork skills. This workshop will engage teachers in research, collaborative writing, and revision through rehearsal as we create a newscast about a severe weather event. This workshop will show how google docs and movie-making can be incorporated into your curriculum to demonstrate content learning.

Supporting Resilience in Learners of All Ages: Writing for Social-Emotional Health
Presenter: Meredith Pike-Baky
We will practice classroom activities to develop a range of responses to challenging situations. This workshop builds writing skills by guiding students to expand perspectives, think strategically about approaching a topic, and focus on audience awareness. Teachers will participate in reading and writing activities that show how careful listening and empathetic response can lead to validation and constructive outcomes. The workshop features reading selections and writing models appropriate for all levels.

Session 2:

Common Core Writing – In and About Nature
Presenters: Michelle Baptiste and Susan Silber
The Bay Area is one of the most vibrant places in the country to integrate nature, as well as environmental themes, into student writing assignments. Nature’s Voices is a Berkeley-based project that empowers students to share their perspectives about the environmental education experiences they participate in and publish their stories–be they compelling narratives or engaging arguments about an environmental issue. In this interactive workshop you will learn of the many local environmental education resources available to teachers and how to harness these innovative programs to teach informative, narrative, and argumentative writing.

Engineered Spaces: Digital Platforms & Collaborative Writing
Presenter: Ari Dolid
Engineered Spaces: Right now, most students type their writing individually on digital platforms and pass around laptops through a lengthy drafting and revision process. Let’s learn a new approach in this workshop: how to combine the special features of these digital platforms with collaborative writing strategies to more effectively teach students how to talk, think and communicate as writers for continuous drafting and revision and stronger writing. In this workshop, you’ll engage in writing exercises that creatively scaffold critical thinking and analytical and argumentative writing by using Padlet, Google Docs and other digital platforms.

WWorkshop 2(pdf)