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Teacher PD: Voice, Identity, Access and Equity


February 25, 2017 Weekend Workshop line-up:

Come join practicing Teachers as they share techniques and strategies that work in their classrooms. The Bay Area Writing Project is excited to provide high quality professional development opportunities at an affordable price for teachers throughout the Bay Area. This workshop series is perfect for teachers, administrators, coaches, coordinators, student teachers or anyone interested in the teaching of writing.

This workshop event will feature your choice of one workshop each session.

$20.00 RegisterFebruary 25th (Voice, Identity, Access and Equity)

Location: UC Berkeley, Tolman Hall Education Library (2nd Floor)
Directional signs will be posted the day of the workshops

Free street parking on Arch, LeConte and Spruce
Campus (Fee) parking options (Recommended: Lower Hearst parking structure)


Check-in and Coffee: 8:30 am
Opening Remarks: 9:00 am
Session 1: 9:20 am – 10:50 am
Session 2: 11:00 am – 12:30 pm

2/25/17 Session 1:

Let’s Talk Story! Using Oral History Interviews, Auto-ethnography Essays, and Counter Narratives.
Presenter: Candice Fukumoto

This workshop will give you tools and ideas to build a loving community, celebrating unique voices and stories,and cultivating self-love and self-respect through storytelling. Many of our students struggle with valuing their own family history and being seen as a full person. We will focus on personal storytelling; creating open and closed-ended questions; using interviews to reflect on people’s lives and roles’ in society; and creating auto-ethnography essays as counter narratives. The essential questions will we focus on is how do we create a space where students feel safe and loved in order to share personal struggles and take academic risks in class? How do we help students value and see themselves as  part of history?

Turning Empathy into Activism — Envisioning Equity for Transgender Youth
Presenter: Eva Oliver

In this workshop, participants will follow my students’ journey from empathy to activism and my journey in exploring the question, “How can I (as a teacher in my Humanities classroom) facilitate a classroom space where students have the agency and tools to turn their empathy into activism? Through discussion, participation activities, evaluating student work, and talking with students who have completed the project themselves, participants will be encouraged and challenged to think about how bringing controversial, relevant topics into the classroom can empower students and benefit school culture.

2/25/17 Session 2:

Growing Dendrites through Dend-writes
Presenter: Sara Rousseve 

How can we help reluctant, dependent learners shift into more confident, persistent writers? We will explore ways to engage young writers in culturally relevant practices that aim to break down some of the barriers our current students face in school today.We will look at ways to keep students engaged throughout a “writer’s process.” We will practice a variety of low-stakes writing techniques for young writers that explicitly teach students that they have the power to change the brain’s pathways and the transformative process of metacognition development.

Hip Hop Goes Global
Presenter: Damion McNeil

This workshop will explore ways to connect to students backgrounds and cultural experiences by taking a critical lens to Hip Hop Culture. Through visual media and complex text we will explore scaffolds that support students to write about the influence of Hip Hop on the global world. This workshop will include discussion prompts and strategies, scaffolds to unpack complex text, as well as low stakes writing prompts that support student writing.