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Writing Strategies for Language Development: BAWP Weekend Workshops

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Come join practicing Teachers as they share techniques and strategies that work in their classrooms. The Bay Area Writing Project is excited to provide high quality professional development opportunities at an affordable price for teachers throughout the Bay Area. This workshop series is perfect for teachers, administrators, coaches, coordinators, student teachers or anyone interested in the teaching of writing.

$22.30 registrationOctober 13, 2018 Registration

$47.30 registrationWhole Series (3 sessions)

—  Pay $15 less when you register for the whole series in advance
—  Groups of 3 or more get a 15% discount (must register at the same time and the discount automatically deducted during check out)

October 13th Weekend Workshop 2018 (pdf flyer)

2018 – 2019 Weekend Series Workshop (pdf flyer)
*Credit available for purchase if you attend all 3 workshops


October 13, 2018 Weekend Workshop

Writing Strategies for Language Development

Classrooms are filled with students who are linguistically and culturally diverse.  These workshops will explore language features and support language production for all learners. Teachers will experience rich language writing strategies and tools to provide targeted instruction for various levels of language fluency.

This workshop event will feature your choice of one workshop each session.

Location: UC Berkeley, 2121 Berkeley Way (Brand new Graduate School of Education building), 1st floor foyer
Directional signs will be posted the day of the workshops

Free Saturday street parking on Arch, LeConte and Spruce or metered parking ($) on streets surrounding the building.
Campus ($) parking options (Recommended: Lower Hearst parking structure)



Check-in and Coffee: 8:45 am
Opening Remarks: 8:50 am
Session 1: 9:00 am – 10:30 am
Session 2: 10:45 am – 12:15 pm

October 13, 2018

Session 1:

Comics and ELD
Presenter: Rachel Hudson

Visuals are a very powerful tool to  support reading and writing for English Language Learners. We will start off the session reviewing the benefits of using comics to support reading comprehension in Math, Science, English, and Social Studies. We will then dive into the benefits of using these graphic novels as visual communication to support students writing. Teachers will wrap up the lesson exploring Gene Yang’s graphic novel American Born Chinese.

“Can I write next to my friend?”
Presenter: Malia Tayabas-Kim

Voice and choice is critical to empowering English Language Learners as writers. However, creating the conditions for students to tap into their intrinsic motivation to learn while also developing their writing skills can create much anxiety for the teacher. In this workshop, teachers will participate in various student engagement strategies that can be used with English Language Learners as well as all students to cultivate student voice and choice in opinion writing.

Session 2:

Teachers as Curators
Presenter: Chalida Anusasananan

English language learners need multiple points of entry to access language.  In this workshop, teachers will participate in a write-around and structured discussion that can be used with English language learners as entry points for writing.  The subject for this PD for teachers will be examining their role as curators when placing texts in front of students, and the responsibility that comes with that role.

Attacking ELD Conceptually
Presenter: Rachel Sagapolu

This workshop was inspired by a seemingly simple question: what does it mean to really understand something? Using this question, participants will explore strategies for teaching English Language learners conceptually so that students are constructing the knowledge.

February 9, 2019 Weekend Workshop

Common Core: Writing Across the Disciplines

Writing has never been the exclusive domain of English teachers.  Common Core reinforces the importance of consistently embedding writing into content lessons across disciplines.  Writing opportunities provide students space to make sense of ideas and build comfort with the kinds of writing that exist in different disciplines.  Workshops will focus on routines, strategies and tools for understanding content and developing composition skills.

April 13, 2019 Weekend Workshop

Voice, Identity, Access and Equity

Classrooms can provide courageous spaces for exploring collective and individual identities.  Writing often plays a critical role in this exploration and provides a humanizing lens through which students can see each others’ experiences. These workshops will focus on strategies, protocols and content that support students to contribute their stories, share their truths and invite others into conversation through writing.