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Join us for the new season of BAWP Weekend Workshops!

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Come join practicing Teachers as they share techniques and strategies that work in their classrooms. The Bay Area Writing Project is excited to provide high quality professional development opportunities at an affordable price for teachers throughout the Bay Area. This workshop series is perfect for teachers, administrators, coaches, coordinators, student teachers or anyone interested in the teaching of writing.

September 14, 2019 Weekend Workshop

Writing Strategies for Language Development

Classrooms are filled with students who are linguistically and culturally diverse. These workshops will explore language features and support language production for all learners. Teachers will experience rich language writing strategies and tools to provide targeted instruction for various levels of language fluency. 

$22.30 registrationSeptember 14, 2019 Registration

$47.30 registrationRegistration for all 3 Workshops

—  Groups of 3 or more get a 20% discount (must register at the same time and the discount automatically deducted during check out)

September 14th Weekend Workshop 2019 (pdf flyer)

*Credit available for purchase if you attend all 3 workshops


This workshop event will feature your choice of one workshop each session.

September 14, 2019

Session 1:

Collaborative Writing: Supporting Academic and Social-Emotional Needs of English Learners
Presenter: Amanda Staab

Collaborative writing is one practice in a language-rich Designated or Integrated ELD classroom that helps beginning and early intermediate English learners write authentically and confidently.  When language learners have the opportunity to co-create a piece of writing, it can be a pivotal learning experience. In this session, participants will experience the steps students take in writing a collaborative paragraph and understand how key language supports and protocols can improve students’ feelings about writing as well as their real skills with using academic language appropriately and extending ideas. This workshop is applicable to a wide range of grade levels.

Language Acquisition and Civic Action: Participatory Action Research in the ELD Classroom
Presenter: Casey McAlduff

Too often, inquiry-driven learning models such as participatory action research and project-based learning are not integrated into ELD and SDAI classrooms, and are many times left out of classrooms with high populations of English Learners. In this workshop, teachers will explore how centering student voice, authentic audience, and civic engagement in these spaces can increase student engagement and boost students’ confidence in their language production. Teachers in this workshop will be asked to participate in a simulated participatory action research project  and will create a Know Your Rights Guide. Teachers will also be provided with tools for how to scaffold the material to meet the needs of a linguistically diverse classroom. Additionally, there will be time to discuss how to balance the teaching of explicit language instruction and acquisition while also engaging young people in real world problem solving. All grade level teachers are welcome!

Session 2:

What are they ready for?
Presenter: Maggie Coshnear

Experience the power of collaborative writing in tackling the complex social issues of our times. This workshop will equip teachers with the tools to lead in-depth research projects and high-level thesis statement creation for students with a range of reading levels. We will examine the credibility of sources and address the question of how to divide labor in group projects. This workshop is suited for upper elementary to high school grades.

Supporting Young Writers in Oral Storytelling
Presenter: Lorin King

In the beginning of our existence human beings communicated with stories, then drawings, and then writing.  Like the flow of human communication, young writers need opportunities to engage in oral expression before putting pencil to page to better build their language skills and gain fluidity of storytelling formats.  Storytelling comes in many forms depending on cultural background and in school it is traditionally taught as always having a beginning, middle, and end. We will explore the question of should our youngest students be exposed non western story formats through oral storytelling practices as teacher/students.  This workshop is most suited for elementary school teachers.

Future Workshops

Writing Across the Disciplines – February 8, 2020

Writing has never been the exclusive domain of English teachers. Teachers of all subjects have the potential to not only offer students space to make sense of ideas, but also to build comfort with the kinds of writing that exist in different disciplines. These workshops explore the importance of consistently embedding writing into content lessons across disciplines. Workshops will focus on routines, strategies and tools for understanding content and developing composition skills.   

Voice, Identity, Access and Equity –  April 25, 2020

Classrooms can provide courageous spaces for exploring collective and individual identities.  Writing often plays a critical role in this exploration and provides a humanizing lens through which students can see each others’ experiences. These workshops will focus on strategies, protocols and content that support students to contribute their stories, share their truths and invite others into conversation through writing.