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BAWP in China!

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ISS-Ulink_logoIn an exciting new partnership by the Bay Area Writing Project, and International Schools Services and ULink (ISS-ULink), BAWP is holding its second summer of Youth Writing Camps in Guangdong, China. Created for Chinese national students, the camps offer Chinese students highly interactive, creative and challenging classes in a carefully structured environment for English language learners.


Elementary Young Writers Camp, Grades 4-6:

The Young Writers’ Camp will be hosted at Shekou International School in Shenzhen. It will offer children a unique opportunity to develop their English language skills while immersed in the reading and writing process. Campers will be guided through a variety of creative writing activities and individual conferences with experienced English immersion Language Arts Teacher Consultants from BAWP. Students will experience the power of words and explore different ways to express their thoughts and emotions through speaking, listening, reading and writing in English. Immersion language development continues with afternoon integrated activities such as Self Discovery Through Art, Mathmania, Theater Arts, Book-making and The Nexus of Science and Art. The Camp’s mission is to help students find their own voice and discover their own strengths as writers. At the Young Writer’s Camp, we promote the belief: every child is a storyteller; every child is a writer.

  • Young Writers Camp
    • Camp Site: Shekou International School
    • Grade: 4-6
    • Date: July 10-21, 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. MondayFriday

Secondary, Youth/Teen Writers Camp, Grades 7-11:

The Youth Writing Camp based at Nansha College Prep Academy offers students a chance to stretch their academic writing skills. Taught by highly experienced EAL Teacher Consultants from BAWP, classes will be highly interactive, lively and engaging. In classes focused on essay writing – personal essays, persuasive essays, informative/explanatory essays, memoir, and the college application essay – students will learn how to access and shape personal experiences to deepen their writing and create their own voices as writers. Students will expand their English language skills as they use the writing process daily to pre-write, draft, revise and edit their work. Through reading, class discussions, and small group work, students will learn how to develop their ideas and refine their thinking; through one-to-one conferences with teachers, students will receive individual attention, which addresses their specific writing needs. The boarding camp has extended after school activities with focus on team sports, dance and yoga.

  • Youth Writers Camp
    • Residential Camp Site: Nansha College Preparatory Academy
    • Grade: 7-11
    • Two Sessions: July 10-14, July 17-21

2014 Camp Testimonials:

“Our teacher encourages us to use our imagination to write. That suits me because I like writing about my imaginary world.” Ying Jun, G7

“I wasn’t very good at writing. But the camp has opened my mind. I was scared of writing in English.” Kai Wen, G9 

The College Essay class helped me improve my personal essay. It is not a schema. It is about yourself. It was very inspiring.” Yu Fei, G11

The brainstorm strategy was very good to capture the ideas. How to use our original thinking, add the sensory details and create a picture.” Jin Wen, G11


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