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Coaching Inquiry Group @BAWP

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The Bay Area Writing Project has had an influx of requests for professional development series that include coaching for district/school coaches, coaching for teachers, and coordinators for presenters of BAWP workshops. Many BAWP programs like the Invitational Summer Institute, Professional Collaborators Network, and Open Programs also involve a coaching component. We are looking for a team of BAWP consultants to help answer the question: What is good coaching at BAWP and what does that look like?

What are the GOALS:

The goal of this inquiry group is to develop a framework that answers the question what does coaching mean at the Bay Area Writing Project. We want to build common language and common practices to unify the messaging and share methods for effective coaching of the teaching of writing. This group would also serve as a place to brainstorm potential coaching models that can be offered to schools and districts requesting professional development with a coaching component.

What is the ACTION PLAN:

We would meet five times for two hours each meeting.

November 10, January 12, February 9, March 8, May 10

Brainstorm specific outcomes for the work


Young Writer’s Camp Coaches

Invitational Summer Institute Returning Fellow/coordinator

TCs that want to integrate a coaching component into a new or already existing presentation

TCs with an interest in building their own coaching capacity or serving as coaches/coordinators in PD series

Open Program Coordinator

What are the Benefits:

Although no stipend is immediately available this can lead to future paid opportunities.

A letter of completion.

BAWP Coaching Inquiry Group (pdf)