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FREE: Teaching in the Connected Learning Classroom

Teaching in the Connected Learning Classroom, a collection published by the Digital Media + Learning Research Hub, is now available as a free downloadable PDF. This collection, unique in its focus on in-school work, explores the principles of Connected Learning exemplified in classroom practice through the curation of pieces from the National Writing Project’s Digital Is site. It will soon be available in ebook format.

In Memory of Jim Gray “You think you know what teachers do. Right? Wrong.”

You think you know what teachers do. Right? Wrong.

Written by someone who left teaching…

The problem with teaching as a profession is that every single adult
citizen of this country thinks that they know what teachers do. And
they don’t. So they prescribe solutions, and they develop public policy,
and they editorialize, and they politicize. And they don’t listen to
those who do know. Those who could teach. The teachers.


Article: You think you know what teachers do.

Helicopter Teaching and the Challenge of Mythrules

Check out this thought-provoking blog post by BAWP TC Jennifer Trainor (1998):


Helicopter Teaching and the Challenge of Mythrules