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“Connected Classrooms” book out from NWP (Free download through NWP)

Led by Antero Garcia, the Digital Media and Learning Hub and National Writing Project have recently collaborated to produce Teaching in the Connected Classroom, an e-book of classroom stories and examples of putting connected learning into practice. Connected learning is probably best understood as a modern, networked incarnation of progressive ideas that have their roots in Rousseau, Montessori, and Dewey.

Check out the full article here!

FREE: Teaching in the Connected Learning Classroom

Teaching in the Connected Learning Classroom, a collection published by the Digital Media + Learning Research Hub, is now available as a free downloadable PDF. This collection, unique in its focus on in-school work, explores the principles of Connected Learning exemplified in classroom practice through the curation of pieces from the National Writing Project’s Digital Is site. It will soon be available in ebook format.

Helicopter Teaching and the Challenge of Mythrules

Check out this thought-provoking blog post by BAWP TC Jennifer Trainor (1998):


Helicopter Teaching and the Challenge of Mythrules