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BAWP TC Viet-ly Nguyen (2013) Highlighted on The Teaching Channel

Viet-ly recently opened up her classroom to The Teaching Channel, a non-profit organization and thriving online community where teachers can watch, share, and learn diverse techniques to help every student grow.

See how Viet-ly Nguyen shares learning targets with her students and learn some new techniques for your own classroom. In this video, she uses student discourse to improve their writing.

And it gets even better – her work was inspired by her time in the Summer Institute,

The work you see in the classroom is a continuation of the workshop that I presented at the Institute two summers ago.  I guess it just speaks to how much learning there is in teaching!

Want to congratulate Viet-ly or share some thoughts on her classroom techniques? Join in on the conversation here! 

Elizabeth Solis featured in NY Times!

Liz Solis (SI 2011) was the subject of a Q & A in the Vocations column of the New York Times on, January 5, 2014.   Congratulations, Liz, for a well-deserved acknowledgement of your outstanding teaching!  And thanks for crediting BAWP as a source of inspiration for your teaching philosophy at Arise, a charter high school in East Oakland.
Here is a link to it online: Elizabeth Solis NY Times Article