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Weekend Workshops

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Come join practicing Teachers as they share techniques and strategies that work in their classrooms. The Bay Area Writing Project is excited to provide high quality professional development opportunities at an affordable price for teachers throughout the Bay Area. This workshop series is perfect for teachers, administrators, coaches, coordinators, student teachers or anyone interested in the teaching of writing.

$22.30 registrationApril 13, 2019 Registration

—  Groups of 3 or more get a 20% discount (must register at the same time and the discount automatically deducted during check out)

October 13th Weekend Workshop 2019 (pdf flyer)

2018 – 2019 Weekend Series Workshop (pdf flyer)
*Credit available for purchase if you attend all 3 workshops


April 13, 2019 Weekend Workshop

Voice, Identity, Access and Equity

Classrooms can provide courageous spaces for exploring collective and individual identities.  Writing often plays a critical role in this exploration and provides a humanizing lens through which students can see each others’ experiences. These workshops will focus on strategies, protocols and content that support students to contribute their stories, share their truths and invite others into conversation through writing.

This workshop event will feature your choice of one workshop each session.

Location: UC Berkeley, 2121 Berkeley Way (Brand new Graduate School of Education building), 1st floor foyer
Directional signs will be posted the day of the workshops

Free Saturday street parking on Arch, LeConte and Spruce or metered parking ($) on streets surrounding the building.
Campus ($) parking options (Recommended: Lower Hearst parking structure)



Check-in and Coffee: 8:45 am
Opening Remarks: 8:50 am
Session 1: 9:00 am – 10:30 am
Session 2: 10:45 am – 12:15 pm

April 13, 2019

Session 1:

Moving ELL Students from Speaking to Writing
Presenter: Viet-Ly Gonzalez

Spoken language and written language can be better understood as a continuum rather than as two discrete forms of language. This workshop will explore ways to plan lesson activities that move students from the kind of language that occurs in face-to-face context toward the more academic written language of schooling. We will discuss the critical role that talk plays in developing English Language Learners’ language proficiency.  This workshop is suited for all grade levels.

Engaging Argument
Presenter: Anjali Kamat

Providing students with opportunities for structured talk can enhance the quality of their writing by bringing out student voice and adding depth to content knowledge. In this workshop, teachers will engage in discussion, dialogue, and debate as tools to prepare for writing and as strategies to engage emerging readers. Teachers will also consider how the role of an authentic audience can make writing more meaningful.  This workshop is most suited for secondary teachers.

Session 2:

Fostering Student Voice through Oral Storytelling
Presenter: Micaela Morse

Young children and English language learners need regular opportunities to engage in authentic learning experiences through which they build conceptual understanding, as well as develop important language skills. In addition, they need regular opportunities to tell stories about their own lives and experiences orally, through drawings, and through writing.  In this workshop, teachers will have a chance to engage in an oral storytelling protocol that can be used with young children and language learners. Teachers will take on the role of learners/students as they tell their own stories and practice their own language skills. This workshop is most suited for elementary school teachers.

I, Too, Am America – Shared Identity and Collective Consciousness as Catalysts for Social Justice Activism
Presenter: Jose Manuel Martinez

From the very beginning of the formation of this country, our leaders have consistently warned that strength can only be found in unity. In this workshop teachers will participate in writing exercises, structured discussions and courageous conversations that they will be able to incorporate into their Humanities, English, History, Advisory and Ethnic Studies classrooms. Using a Freirian view of naming the current world in which our students and teachers live in, we will be using stats, social trends, historical documents, literature, and pop culture to help cultivate a collective consciousness toward a more unified and equitable America. This workshop is most suited for middle and high school teachers.